yesterday was the first day of september.

that means witches and wizards have just begun a new year at Hogwarts. unfortunately i won’t be going to hogwarts but i’m going to pigfarts instead which is tons cooler (bonus points to you if you get that reference).


in reality the first day of september means that in less than a week school starts.

this year’s going to be a crazy year. junior year means SATs, APs, and subject tests. it all makes me realize how soon college is and i don’t want have to think about that. but i have to. i have to start looking at colleges this year too. ugh.

but school isn’t just dullness! i have the same lunch as my friends so i’ll get to see them often. and i’m (most likely) going to join my school’s dance company again.

also DOCTOR WHO STARTS ON SEPTEMBER 19th!!!!!! it’s going to be awesome. or rather, it will be spectacular (more bonus points to you if you get that reference (it’s from the trailer haha)).

and on september 25th i’m going to see Ed Sheeran live at Gillette Stadium! it’s going to be his biggest U.S. concert ever so i’m pretty excited that i’ll get to see that. i’m going with one of my friends who’s also an Ed fan so i think it’ll be a fun experience.

those are all of the significant things happening to me in september. to sign off, i’ll leave you with one of my favorite songs recently: Trouble by Halsey.

P.S. you should all check out her new album Badlands because it’s pretty awesome.

P.P.S. the bonus points don’t mean anything. they just mean you understand my weird references.