I write because written words make sense to me.

When I was younger, I was a fairly social person, but writing was always the best medium of communication for me. In the past few years, I’ve become more timid and afraid of spoken words, but I have still kept a strong relationship with the written word that has grown more powerful as I have read more and learned more about writing.

Spoken words are unreliable to me. I can’t be confident in the words that I will speak. No matter how many times I practice presentations or repeat words in my head, I can never manage to say exactly what I want to, exactly the way I want to say it. Something happens between the transfer of words from my mind to my brain, and the words get mixed up and stumble all over each other. However, written words are different. You can write them over and over, erasing and rewriting them, and when you know what you want to say, your final result is right there on the paper. There Is no way it can go wrong because it is definite and it is right there in front of you. The transfer of words between my mind and my finger still is a bit different than what I may want to say, but it is much smoother and clearer.

Written words are also more private. In a class debate, everyone is staring at you and hears what you say. Writing is only between you and the reader. Even when there are thousands of people reading the same writing, it is still an intimate form of communication because someone else’s words from another time and place are speaking to you, only you, on the paper you hold in front of you.

When I was in middle school, I made a blog called American Girl Playground, where I wrote about my American Girl dolls and the activities I did with them. This was the first big writing activity I began to do on my own, outside of school. I didn’t realize when I was making this blog on Weebly that so many people would read it. I met so many people who were just like me; older girls who still played with their American Girl dolls. One of my friends even started making a blog about her American Girl dolls (now she’s AGTriviaMaster on YouTube!). I later transferred my blog to WordPress, but still an incredible amount of people read and commented on my posts. Writing these little, fun photo-filled posts brought me into a wonderful community where I was constantly improving my writing skills and where I always made many new friends that I could not have made without making this blog. After a couple of years, I stopped posting on American Girl Playground when I stopped playing with my American Girl dolls. It’s still online, with all my old posts, but I unfortunately lost touch with so many of the people I had become friendly with. I now have this blog, for my tidbits of writing about everything and anything. Blogging has been a really emotional process for me but it has given me a place to express myself in words to people online in a way I could probably never express myself with other people.

That was very long, but that is why I write. Because I can understand myself in words on paper better than I can in words out loud. Because I feel like I can be social without speaking words. Because I can let everything out to figure out my problems.

In response to a post by my favorite author/friend (you know who you are!). 🙂