yesterday was the first day of september.

that means witches and wizards have just begun a new year at Hogwarts. unfortunately i won’t be going to hogwarts but i’m going to pigfarts instead which is tons cooler (bonus points to you if you get that reference).


in reality the first day of september means that in less than a week school starts.

this year’s going to be a crazy year. junior year means SATs, APs, and subject tests. it all makes me realize how soon college is and i don’t want have to think about that. but i have to. i have to start looking at colleges this year too. ugh.

but school isn’t just dullness! i have the same lunch as my friends so i’ll get to see them often. and i’m (most likely) going to join my school’s dance company again.

also DOCTOR WHO STARTS ON SEPTEMBER 19th!!!!!! it’s going to be awesome. or rather, it will be spectacular (more bonus points to you if you get that reference (it’s from the trailer haha)).

and on september 25th i’m going to see Ed Sheeran live at Gillette Stadium! it’s going to be his biggest U.S. concert ever so i’m pretty excited that i’ll get to see that. i’m going with one of my friends who’s also an Ed fan so i think it’ll be a fun experience.

those are all of the significant things happening to me in september. to sign off, i’ll leave you with one of my favorite songs recently: Trouble by Halsey.

P.S. you should all check out her new album Badlands because it’s pretty awesome.

P.P.S. the bonus points don’t mean anything. they just mean you understand my weird references.

humbug poetry, part 1


I swam down the middle

Avoiding the whirlpool

But I got tangled in the vines

And struck by strawberry lightning

So I fell asleep anyways


this is one of a few poems i wrote while listening to the arctic monkeys’ humbug album. i may post a couple more…

my 1989 Tour experience

Date: Saturday July 25th

At around 6:40pm, my mom and I arrived at Gillette Stadium in Foxborough, MA. The traffic was INSANE but we finally made it to the parking lots. We walked through the mall surrounding the stadium and saw the security gates in front of the stadium. It was pretty fast to get through them and to have our tickets scanned. We were so happy because after a long drive we were finally in the stadium!! After we walked in the staff gave us each a wristband, which I already knew would light up in different patterns for each song Taylor would play.

We were both really hungry so we first decided to get something to eat. We both decided to get pizzas and a bottle of water to share. After getting our food, we went to wait in one of the many loooong lines for merchandise. There were three lines for the merch place that we were at and ours was barely moving! We think that people just didn’t know what they wanted to get and were taking foreeeeeeever. I knew what I wanted as soon as I saw the merch from when we were in line: a white 1989 Tour t-shirt and a HAIM t-shirt. So once we got to the front it was pretty fast to get our stuff.

After getting our merch, we looked for our seats. While we were waiting for merch, Shawn Mendes was already on stage. We didn’t really care as much about seeing him so we were fine that we missed it. We found our seats fairly easily and were excited that we had an AWESOME view of the stage! Vance Joy came on around the time we got there and he was really good. I think my favorite song that he did was Riptide, because that was the song that everybody knew and it was fun to sing and dance along to it!


After Vance Joy (and a bit of a wait), HAIM came on! My mom and I were SO excited to see them because HAIM’s my favorite band and my mom loves their music too. And I’m proud to say that I GOT TO SEE ESTE’S BASS FACE IN PERSON!! In the past week or two I’ve been trying to learn a HAIM bass line and Este is an awesome bassist and just so fun that after seeing them play I really wanted to learn the HAIM bass lines. The three sisters overall are incredible and I think their set was definitely one of the highlights of the concert.

IMG_1877 IMG_1869 IMG_1859

There was a longer wait in between HAIM and Taylor but on the screens in the stadium behind the scenes videos and interview clips were shown which were sort of interesting. By this time it was around 9pm or so it was a lot darker out and you could feel the excitement in the air as everyone waited for Taylor.

It was SO loud when Taylor came out. Everyone got up out of their seats and started screaming! Taylor’s show overall was just incredible. The visuals and effects were so beautiful and cool. Taylor’s vocals were AMAZING and she’s really just a great performer. She could do a whole choreographed performance but then also acoustically play Fifteen on her own. I was singing and dancing along the whole time and the wristbands lighting up made it even more fun. I’m not sure if I had a favorite performance because it was all incredible!

Welcome to New York
Welcome to New York
I Knew You Were Trouble
I Knew You Were Trouble
How You Get the Girl
How You Get the Girl

My favorite thing about the entire concert is how comfortable I felt there and how much fun I really had. I’ve always felt embarrassed about liking Taylor Swift’s music. None of my friends really like her music. And I feel like everyone hates her. But at the 1989 Tour, I was surrounded by 59,999 people that loved her music as much as me, and I was so proud and excited to like her music. It was the best night ever!

All You Had to Do Was Stay
All You Had to Do Was Stay
Fifteen (Acoustic)!
Fifteen (Acoustic)!
This Love
This Love
We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together (Rock version!)
We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together (Rock version!)
Enchanted/WIldest Dreams
Enchanted/Wildest Dreams

The last performance was, of course, Shake It Off! The energy in the stadium was amazing because every single person knew the song. It was such a fun performance and a great way to end the night.


The concert ended around 11:45pm. Driving out of Foxborough was CRAZY because so many cars were trying to leave the same way so we got back to my house really late.

I am so grateful to have gotten to experience the 1989 Tour and I cannot wait until her next tour! 🙂

Did you go to the 1989 World Tour? I’d love to hear about your experience!

P.S. Sorry the Taylor photos are so small, I tried enlarging them but couldn’t for some reason.

currently (7/29/15)

Time: 8:32 PM

Weather: too hot

Listening to (generally): HAIM, TØP, AM

Listening to (right now): Hurricane by Halsey

Reading: Jane Eyre by Charlotte Brontë (it’s really long and slow but an interesting read)

Eating: still my fairly healthy diet with the same fairly excessive amount of dessert eating

Events: Trip to the U.K. The 1989 World Tour (BEST. NIGHT. EVER.).

New Things: I met Peter Capaldi. I got tickets to see Ed Sheeran and Marina and The Diamonds live. I turned 16. I started playing bass and have now been playing for ~4 mos. I bought some nice headphones.

Random: About 5.5 weeks left of summer. There’s one problem in my AP Calc pre-course packet that I don’t know how to do. The Doctor Who Experience is a really cool place. I put some cyberman stickers on my phone case. “I’m the violence in the pouring rain. I’m a hurricane.” – Halsey, Hurricane

Why I Write

I write because written words make sense to me.

When I was younger, I was a fairly social person, but writing was always the best medium of communication for me. In the past few years, I’ve become more timid and afraid of spoken words, but I have still kept a strong relationship with the written word that has grown more powerful as I have read more and learned more about writing.

Spoken words are unreliable to me. I can’t be confident in the words that I will speak. No matter how many times I practice presentations or repeat words in my head, I can never manage to say exactly what I want to, exactly the way I want to say it. Something happens between the transfer of words from my mind to my brain, and the words get mixed up and stumble all over each other. However, written words are different. You can write them over and over, erasing and rewriting them, and when you know what you want to say, your final result is right there on the paper. There Is no way it can go wrong because it is definite and it is right there in front of you. The transfer of words between my mind and my finger still is a bit different than what I may want to say, but it is much smoother and clearer.

Written words are also more private. In a class debate, everyone is staring at you and hears what you say. Writing is only between you and the reader. Even when there are thousands of people reading the same writing, it is still an intimate form of communication because someone else’s words from another time and place are speaking to you, only you, on the paper you hold in front of you.

When I was in middle school, I made a blog called American Girl Playground, where I wrote about my American Girl dolls and the activities I did with them. This was the first big writing activity I began to do on my own, outside of school. I didn’t realize when I was making this blog on Weebly that so many people would read it. I met so many people who were just like me; older girls who still played with their American Girl dolls. One of my friends even started making a blog about her American Girl dolls (now she’s AGTriviaMaster on YouTube!). I later transferred my blog to WordPress, but still an incredible amount of people read and commented on my posts. Writing these little, fun photo-filled posts brought me into a wonderful community where I was constantly improving my writing skills and where I always made many new friends that I could not have made without making this blog. After a couple of years, I stopped posting on American Girl Playground when I stopped playing with my American Girl dolls. It’s still online, with all my old posts, but I unfortunately lost touch with so many of the people I had become friendly with. I now have this blog, for my tidbits of writing about everything and anything. Blogging has been a really emotional process for me but it has given me a place to express myself in words to people online in a way I could probably never express myself with other people.

That was very long, but that is why I write. Because I can understand myself in words on paper better than I can in words out loud. Because I feel like I can be social without speaking words. Because I can let everything out to figure out my problems.

In response to a post by my favorite author/friend (you know who you are!). 🙂


The weather has already started getting a lot colder.

I’m not usually into Christmas music, because I find it strange to get music that you’ll only listen to in one part of the year, but I decided to get Pentatonix’s new Christmas album. They’re really good.

Taylor Swift is also really good. 1989 is super upbeat and wonderful. I’m looking forward to the 1989 Tour for sure.

I’ve been alternating reading books from two book series right now: The Children of the Lamp by P.B. Kerr and The Kazam Chronicles by Jasper Fforde. I’m also reading Cat’s Cradle by Kurt Vonnegut for school. They’re all really good books, with really interesting and unique ideas.

En la classe de française, je lis le conte de fées de Belle et Bête. Il est très bon.

My dad introduced me to Marina and the Diamonds and I’ve discovered I’m really into The Family Jewels and Froot.

School is okay. It’s had its stressful moments, but I’m overall doing okay in all of my classes.

Thanksgiving is this week (!!). I love eating, and I love my family, so it makes sense that it’s one of my most favorite holidays.

Doctor Who season 8 was incredible. I will admit I didn’t enjoy it as much as seasons 5 and 6, but it was definitely a step up from season 7 and Peter Capaldi is a great Doctor. Missy is so cool too. She had better come back. And Oswin too. Happy 51st anniversary Doctor Who!

À bientôt.


[you’ve got to] shake it off

“It’s like I’ve got this music in my mind saying it’s gonna be alright.”

Shake It Off – Taylor Swift, 1989

I am so excited for Taylor Swift’s new album. There’s a little over three weeks until it’s released. I am looking forward to the happy and poppy vibe of 1989. I don’t really like much pop music, but I need more upbeat music that is still thoughtful. And that is Taylor Swift in a nutshell. Especially (from what it sounds like) in her upcoming album. And, remember: “Just think: while you’ve been getting down and out about the liars and the dirty, dirty cheats of the world, you could’ve been getting down to THIS. SICK. BEAT.” (P.S. If you like the music video, check out the outtake videos on her channel; they’re hilarious.)